French Letters With Stresses

French Letters With Stresses

Unlike English, French Alphabet letters may carry stresses to change their pronunciation in a word or on its own. There are a lot of French letters with stress you will need to learn to speak fluently. Let’s go through them:

French Letters With Stresses Marks

a like ah : la (the)
à like ah: là (there) / Il est là = He is there
â like ah but longer: âne (donkey)
e like ai in ‘fair’ in the middle of a syllable; mer (sea)
e like e at the end of a syllable: le (the)
e is silent at the end of a word: tasse (cup)
é like ay in day: été (summer)
è like air in fair: père (father)
ê like air in fair: tête (head)
i, y like ee in meet: ski (skiing), y (there). IL y- est = He is there.
o like o in ‘not’: poste (post office)
ô like oh in: hôtel
u like ee with rounded lips; vu (seen)
oi like wah: roi (king)
ou like oo in moon; roue (wheel)
ai, ei like e in let: laine (wool), reine (keen)
au, eau like o in toll: au (to the), eau (water)
eu, oeu like er in ‘her’: neuf (nine / new), soeur (sister). C’est neuf = It is new

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